Ink and Sugar Nebula #6

Photograph, 2014

In this work I am photographing small scale constructions, made of ink, peroxide and sugar, that reference astrophotography. The use of common and humble materials is a conscious decision meant to contrast the scale and grandeur of the types of astronomical spaces they are based on. The color and composition of each scene is also critical, as I am interested in how small but precise changes to the material can generate vastly different forms and experiences. Many astronomical photographs are of elements that aren't visible to the human eye, and must be represented in false color as a means of conveying their presence. The subjective selection of these colors by astronomers, as a means of creating aesthetically pleasing images, parallels my process as an artist. As I have never seen these spaces with my own eyes, the work is inspired entirely by photographs, and represents the influence of photography on my visual library.